Sound is a powerful thing, and often we find our minds imprinted with a memory that is associated with a tune. This is the magic that a successful audio branding can do for a brand. Who doesn’t remember the sound while switching on their computers from 20 years ago, or the tune from a catchy ad that used to be aired years ago?

However, in the last decade or so, the digital world had become highly visual. From images and memes being shared on social media, to the preference of texts over voice calls, sound seemed to have significantly been reduced from our daily intake. Statistics show that videos with captions on Facebook and Instagram do much better than the ones that don’t because most people don’t keep their volumes on while scrolling through their feed.

That said, with the growing popularity of virtual assistants, vlogs, podcasts, audio books etc., one thing has become clear – audio branding is on the rise again. Audio branding allows brands an incredible opportunity to form deeper connections with their customers. Sonic branding, is a classic and
effective, way to build your brand’s recall. If done right, it’s effects are quick yet long lasting.

Today, as people move away from the traditional modes of engaging with the world around them, and grow more and more comfortable with delegating tasks to voice-first mediums like Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant,it is important to realize the re-emerging trend in consumer preference. All evidence points to the conclusion that it is going to be one of the key marketing trends to watch out for this year.

Sound has the power of rising strong emotions, and when you use emotions to connect your brand to your consumers, they stick around longer. Audio branding continues to show amazing results for brands across the world. Now it’s time to make it work for yours. contact our team of marketing experts to see how we can help you!