The world of everyday personal communications has moved from SMS/MMS texting to data-run messenger apps. Today, anybody who is anybody has a smartphone, and anyone who has a smartphone uses messenger apps like WhatsApp.

With over 1.5 billion users in 180 countries, and 1 billion daily active users globally, WhatsApp is the most-popular messaging app in the world. User stats show that a whopping 73% of the mobile users in Saudi Arabia use WhatsApp, that’s a higher percentage than any other country in the world!

This, naturally, has opened up a faster and more cost-effective avenue for brands to market their offerings! Here are 3 reasons why WhatsApp marketing can be a valuable addition to the marketing arsenal of your brand:

Get Fast Access to A Huge Database of Global Users– Easily target your audience from a huge database of users nationally and internationally.

Send Rich Media Files and Texts – Unlike bulk SMS, WhatsApp allows you to easily send a variety of content formats including text, sound bites, images, gifs, and videos, thereby giving you a chance to get your message across more effectively.

Get Instant Read Responses – Analyzing the actual reach of your marketing efforts becomes easier because you not only get the number of users your message was sent to, but also how many actually opened the message.

That’s not all, with the WhatsApp bulk messaging platform, you get Instant deliverability,flexibility to opt-in out instantly, seamless integration with your CRM, and many other convenient features that takes away the complexity of running a marketing campaign, yet gives you all the results and more!

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